Results Oriented. Client Focused.


Discovering best-in-class emerging managers requires certain strengths.

Bivium is a performance-first culture distinguished by three key assets:

  • A relentless focus on generating alpha for our clients-it is at the core of our approach to providing outstanding client service for our strategic partners
  • The experience and expertise of our executives in structuring solutions-driven portfolios
  • A comprehensive, disciplined and proprietary process for meeting the specific needs of our partners

Client Focus

Our mission is to generate optimal portfolio performance for our clients.

At Bivium Capital, a partner-driven approach is the foundation of our firm. We have built enduring client relationships by combining a robust and ongoing consultative dialog with solutions tailored to each client’s specific goals and considerations. This involves responsive and proactive communication, breadth and depth of industry knowledge, insightful perspectives, cogent advice on market dynamics, and meaningful synergy between the investment, operations and compliance functions.

Experience & Expertise

Since our inception in 2002, we have focused exclusively on providing investment management services for our strategic partners.

From the beginning, we have been solely focused on constructing manager-of-managers portfolios, specializing in emerging and boutique managers in asset classes where Bivium believed a skilled and motivated manager could add meaningful value for clients. Over the years, we have used boutique managers across geographies and asset classes to develop portfolios that meet a plethora of diverse client mandates.

Our executive leadership team averages almost 20 years of investment experience, with expertise in research, due diligence, portfolio construction, and risk management. This wealth of experience is leveraged to construct and actively manage our clients’ portfolios.

A Comprehensive & Disciplined Process

We combine a proprietary evaluation and investment process with resources designed to meet our partners’ complex objectives.

In our view, the challenge with investing in emerging managers is in the process of understanding and evaluating the specific risks associated with each firm, from both an investment and non-investment perspective.

Bivium, a Latin word meaning “a place where two roads meet,” epitomizes the qualitative and quantitative analyses we employ while scrutinizing the risk perspectives inherent to investment management. As our namesake implies, we continually aim to perfect the art and science of investing. Dual assessment tools also provide comprehensive insight into each manager’s long-term performance capabilities, allowing us to invest earlier and more meaningfully in a manager’s life cycle.

We believe this thorough and multi-layered understanding of expectations is paramount to our continued success. Because the universe of emerging managers tends to be heterogeneous, we use managers with demonstrated and differentiated skill after formulating a clear thesis as to why and how they can add value against the benchmark and their peers, as well as how their approach fits into a manager-of-managers portfolio. Active portfolio management, risk governance, and continuous monitoring of factors such as operations and business compliance are also critical components of our program. The end goal is to have an efficiently constructed portfolio of high-conviction managers that provides a meaningful platform from which value is generated.

Lastly, we think that taking a broader view of the markets in our research enhances decision-making and contributes to a robust investment process. Our investment committee continuously analyzes market conditions and regularly writes research papers on diverse topics that inform the discourse and challenge status quo beliefs.

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