Fostering enduring partnerships through collaboration


At Bivium Capital, we have partnered with investors and managers to help them achieve their strategic objectives since 2002. We cater to an institutional client base, including public plan sponsors and corporations. Our manager of managers program is comprised of diverse emerging and boutique investment firms.

We have provided our partners with innovative solutions by delivering differentiated sources of alpha, thought-leading research, and diverse advisory services tailored to each partner’s specific mandate and goals.

Throughout our history, we have found that the best relationships, and our strongest partnerships, are built on extensive interaction and substantive collaboration regarding long-term aims and portfolio construction.

Investors seeking boutique and emerging talent continue to turn to us today because of our client-centric culture, results-oriented mindset and investment experience. Moreover, we wholly understand an investment manager’s reasons for starting his or her own investment firm: they are many of the same reasons we founded Bivium.

We have always believed that a manager’s ability to sustain a performance advantage is driven by skill and motivation. However, it is sometimes difficult for investors to discern whether a manager’s success is based instead on luck. The managers we identify undergo an extensive and dynamic evaluation process, which enables us to form a clear thesis on how they add value. The investment managers we ultimately select meet the same rigorous standards we set for ourselves in terms of executive leadership, operational management and alpha generation.

The Bivium Capital Partners Timeline

Bivium Capital Partners, LLC founded. Registered in the State of California.


Bivium Capital Partners, LLC registered with the Securities and Exchanges Commission. Inaugural strategy launched: US Small Cap.


US All Cap strategy launched.


Firm recapitalized with Rosemont Investment Partners. Firm retains its status as majority owned by minorities and women.
Multi-Asset portfolio launched.


Bivium All Cap Select launched.
AUM reaches milestone of $1 billion.


Management transition and buy-back; investment and operational capabilities expanded.


First Client Investor Summit held to facilitate interactive and informative dialogue between plan sponsors, industry experts, and leading emerging investment managers.
International Equity strategy launched.


Dedicated Micro Cap strategy launched.
Bivium hosts Second-Annual Client Investor Summit: “Pivotal Decisions in Uncertain Times,” focusing on critical issues such as the unprecedented redistribution of jobs, population, and wealth as the global economy shifted from manufacturing to innovation.


Bivium hosts Third-Annual Client Summit: “Global Trends Shaping the 21st Century: Preparing for Tomorrow’s Challenges.” The summit explored decision-making on a broad scale, including unconscious biases (The Hidden Brain), behavioral finance and decision-making in the era of Big Data.


Bivium hosts Fourth-Annual Investor Summit: “Operational Alpha,” The summit addressed challenges facing institutional investors with regards to firm culture, compliance, and crises.


Custom Mandate focused on U.S. Domestic Equity with a value orientation launched.


Our associates are bound by a common purpose and embedded principles

Our founding principles are embedded in everything we do. Primary among them is the focus we have on our strategic partners’ objectives.

Our values guide our work conduct and our social responsibility as a global corporate citizen. In short, the following principles are at the heart of our firm:

Client Focus

Our success ultimately depends on our ability to contribute to our clients' success.


Do the right thing when it is easy and when it is difficult.


A cohesive team founded on mutual respect achieve great things.


Constantly acquiring knowledge, refining our perspectives and deepening our expertise.


"Good enough" is never good enough.


Define the objective, envision the path, and lead the way.

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