We are driven by a relentless focus on

alpha generation.


At Bivium, we believe that our own growth begins and ends with our ability to satisfy the needs of our clients. Hence we think emerging and boutique firms represent a compelling investment opportunity, particularly in asset classes where:

  • There is potential to develop a specific expertise
  • Sources of new investment ideas may be found
  • Capacity constraints exist
  • Market inefficiencies are present

The size of these firms enables managers to efficiently react to new information and focus exclusively on the investment process. Unencumbered by bureaucracy and non-investment activities, they can concentrate on a single task—generating returns.

We select skilled money managers who are driven by a conviction in their investment thesis, and place tremendous emphasis on outperforming their peers.

During our extensive due diligence, we seek in-depth understanding of exactly how managers add value against peers and benchmarks, and how their approaches might fit into a multi-manager portfolio. A good stand-alone investment in a manager does not always equate to a good portfolio investment in a manager-of-managers context. Our rigorous evaluation process includes assessing many factors, including managers’ experience, expertise, motivations, aspirations, and incentives for success.

By blending managers who meet stringent criteria, we are able to construct efficient, risk-managed portfolios of differentiated alpha sources designed to generate excess returns.

Our philosophy is also characterized by active portfolio management: an opportunistic approach to assessing the role of investments within a portfolio, and a forward-thinking, dynamic ability to continuously challenge conventional thinking.

The ongoing risk component of our process affords our clients the advantages of diversity, while mitigating the headline, business, and investment risks sometimes associated with smaller firms with brief tenures. In our view, this multimanager structure is the best way to derive the benefits offered by nascent firms.

Having built an investment management firm from the ground up, we know full well the challenges facing newly formed partnerships. As veteran industry professionals, we are able to guide our investment managers in developing and executing a sustainable, transparent, and robust business model.

The managers who go on from our program to gain funding exemplify the innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and focus on alpha generation that epitomizes our culture.

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