Finding the Right Emerging Manager Requires…

A firm focused on leveraging the intersection between an investment manager’s skill and motivation

  • Bivium Capital is an investment firm specializing in constructing and managing boutique and emerging manager portfolios.

    The process for selecting the right manager can become easier with a strategic partner to help guide the way. For more than a decade, we have provided customized investment solutions, guidance and support for diverse investors.

    The Bivium Difference
  • Diversifying managers mitigates risks inherent in hiring a single firm, which is important when seeking managers who may be experienced as investors but inexperienced as businesspeople.

    Our philosophy has been honed into a systematic process that enables our strategic partners to gain the benefit of active portfolio management.

    The Bivium Philosophy
  • Through an in-depth, proprietary process, we analyze emerging and boutique managers quantitatively and qualitatively to help our strategic partners gain a complete picture of the manager under consideration.

    We tailor portfolios to each client’s precise goals, and generally focus on asset classes where nimble, skilled, and motivated managers can leverage their strengths to provide meaningful alpha.

    The Bivium Process
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