Investment Philosophy

A relentless focus on alpha generation; leveraging opportunities at the intersections.

Investment Philosophy

The Intersection of Skill, Motivation, and Luck

We believe that diverse and boutique managers offer investors compelling investment opportunities and that a dynamic portfolio construction process can maximize risk-adjusted excess returns. In addition, we know from experience that skill and motivation drive a manager’s ability to create and sustain a performance advantage; however, it can be difficult for investors to discern a manager’s skill from luck. Therefore, we remove luck from the equation by employing quantitative and qualitative methods to identify highly skilled managers with differentiated mindsets, unique and value-added processes, and consistent and successful performance outcomes.

The Intersection of Integrity, Transparency, and Communication

We put our clients’ interests first by leveraging the team’s experience, skill, and size to capitalize on market inefficiencies quickly. For over two decades, integrity, transparency, and communication have forged strong connections with our clients, allowing us to earn their trust, the foundation upon which all Bivium relationships stand.