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The Hidden Brain | October 2013

Shankar Vedantam, Author
Keynote Speaker, Bivium Capital 2013 Investor Summit
Global Trends Shaping the 21st Century

Mr.Vedantam is a correspondent for NPR News and the author of The Hidden Brain. He focuses his reporting on how human behavior shapes the news. Mr. Vedantam discussed the role of “the hidden brain,” or unconscious biases, that exist in our everyday lives at our 2013 Investor Summit. In his view, a variety of factors, including heuristics and social dynamics, impact workplace dynamics, gender roles, team interaction, and even decision-making at the national level. Specifically, he addressed how unconscious biases influence financial decision-making. In the linked video, he expands on how the hidden brain affects communication and persuasion.

The Hidden Brain

External Perspectives | October 2013

Financial Crisis: What Went Wrong?

Jonathan Neuberger, principal, Economists, Inc.

Financial markets around the world continue to suffer from declining asset values, heightened concerns about risk, lack of available credit, and prospects for a global economic slowdown. The speed with which this crisis developed surprised many observers. Nonetheless, the seeds of the current financial crisis the seeds of the current financial crisis have been apparent for some time.